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Friendly & Made in the USA

Welcome to ElectricWheelbarrows.com! We are the #1 source for battery powered electric wheelbarrows, wagons, power garden carts & even power trash carts that will assist you with all outdoor jobs. All of our carts come with rechargeable batteries that not only offer up to 11 hours of start & stop usage, but they also give you anywhere from 300 to 500 recharges. Our power carts also have a huge amount of strength as they can handle 500 lbs on a 3:1 grade slope or an amazing 750 lbs on level ground. And finally, one of the best features about these power wheelbarrows is the fact that they are all made in the USA, so when you buy one of our carts you'll be keeping your money and our jobs here in America. If you have any questions, then be sure to call our number 419-378-9122 or email us at [email protected]

Best Selling Carts

Power Wheelbarrow C27-8A Power Wheelbarrow with Platform C44-P10A Electric Wagon C44-9A
27" Chassis with Heavy Duty 8 Cubic Foot Dump Hopper & Dual Ag Tires Large Power Wheelbarrow that features a 10 Cu Ft Hopper & an extra metal platform for even more room to transport material. 44" Chassis with Heavy Duty 9 Cubic Foot Tray & Dual Ag Tires