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If transporting materials during landscaping, farming, construction work or concrete laying is becoming a grueling and time-consuming chore, consider purchasing one of our electric power wheelbarrows that can do the hard work for you and carry hundreds of lbs worth of dirt, stone or plants with just the turn of a throttle, saving you a lot of time and energy when it comes to landscaping.

Our power wheelbarrows come in varying sizes and with different tires for dealing with different terrain. They are the ideal landscaping assistant for those who need to move large quantities of materials, whether at home or at work for their job. Choose the most ideal size and style from our range based on your requirements. With an ability to carry up to 750lbs of materials and with generous 10 cubic foot capacities, our battery powered wheelbarrows are the perfect solution for those who need a helping hand with their landscaping duties.

There are two series or styles of wheelbarrows that we carry. The residential series is for work around the house such as light tasks that may need to be carried out during home landscaping, such as moving dirt and plants. The C27-7T is the only one in this class and it features turf tires that work fine for grass, gravel, pavement & other smooth surfaces. The commercial series is for commercial tasks and these are designed for more industrial duties and the transportation of heavier goods such as stone, concrete or farming work. This series features both the Mud Hog tires, which are great for grip & traction, and the Dual Ag tires that give you good traction and the added stability of having 6 tires instead of 4.

All of our motorized wheelbarrows are green and eco-friendly as they are battery powered and don't require the use of any fuel to operate. They are a great option for those who wish to reduce their carbon footprint while using the help of power tools to get their work done. With impressive battery lifespans, you don't have to worry about the wheelbarrows running out of power, as they are good for hundreds of charges and will surely last at least a couple of years even with regular use.
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Power Garden Wheelbarrow C27-7T C27-8M Power Wheelbarrow Large Power Wheelbarrow C27-10A
Power Garden Wheelbarrow
Our Price: $2,895.00
Large Power Wheelbarrow
Our Price: $3,195.00
This Garden Wheelbarrow is powered by a rechargeable battery that lasts 9 hours! This C27-7T Can move 7 Cu Ft of material weighing up to 500 lbs. C27-8M Battery Power Wheelbarrow can move up to 750 lbs in it's 8 cubic foot hopper. It also features mud hog tires that give great traction. This Large Power Wheelbarrow can move 10 cubic feet of material that can weigh up to 750 lbs! It features Dual Ag Tires, 27" Chassis & a rechargeable battery that last 11 hours!
Power Wheelbarrow C27-8A Power Wheelbarrow with Platform C44-P10A Power Trash Cart
Power Trash Cart
Our Price: $3,495.00
27" Chassis with Heavy Duty 8 Cubic Foot Dump Hopper & Dual Ag Tires Large Power Wheelbarrow that features a 10 Cu Ft Hopper & an extra metal platform for even more room to transport material. This commercial sized Power Trash Cart features a one piece seamless molded body, 13" drive wheels & 10" swivel casters. Move up to 3/4 Cubic Yards of trash weighs up to 500 lbs!
Industrial Electric Wheelbarrow
This Industrial Electric Wheelbarrow is equipped with 4WD, a Power Dump feature & an extended battery for extra power & work time!