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Whether at home or at work, an electric wagon may be just what you are needing if the tasks like construction work, pouring concrete, farm chores or landscaping are becoming too much to handle with man-powered tools. Battery powered wagons make life easier when it comes to moving big and heavy loads, and can reduce the amount of time spent on almost any job you can think of. With just a turn of the throttle, you can be moving hundreds of lbs worth of materials in an instant.

Our electric wagons come in various sizes and are the perfect assistant for jobs requiring more heavy duty work and an easier way to handle it. With the ability to hold between 6 and 9 cubic feet in the hopper, these motorized wagons can help move up to 750lbs worth of dirt or stone without you even breaking a sweat.

These battery powered wagons come in two different series, each one ideal for a different situation. The R series are electric wagons perfect for residential work and lighter tasks such as moving dirt, plants, mulch, and other smaller duties needed within landscaping around the home. Our C series wagons are for the more demanding and industrial tasks, such as moving concrete, stone, construction work and farming duties. There are also a number of different tires available on the wagons, so not only can you choose the perfect size for your needs, but you can find the perfect wagon for the terrain that you will be dealing with.

All of our electric wagons are eco-friendly and don't require gas or oil to operate, so you can be sure that with one of our battery powered wagons, you are helping the environment. You don't have to worry about the battery running out, either, as these electric wagons are designed to last for years and each battery can withstand up to 500 charges.
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Electric Garden Cart C44-6T Electric Wagon C44-9M Electric Wagon C44-9A
Electric Garden Cart
Our Price: $2,895.00
44 in. Chassis with 6 Cubic Foot Hopper & Turf Tires 44" Chassis with Heavy Duty 9 Cubic Foot Tray & Mud Hog Tires 44" Chassis with Heavy Duty 9 Cubic Foot Tray & Dual Ag Tires