About ElectricWheelbarrows.com

For questions concerning our products, shipping or any other issues feel free to call us at (419)-378-9122.

Welcome to ElectricWheelbarrows.com. Thank you for visiting our website. Even though we are a young business, you are in good company because we already have an extremely loyal following. That list includes Ohio’s senior senator, Mr. Sherrod Brown, who follows us with his official Twitter account. We are a small business based in Northwest Ohio, and the products we sell have all been built in the USA!

Our hope is to make work around your lawn, garden, farm, or construction site as safe and easy as possible. To do this, we are offering a number of green products that are environmentally friendly while also friendly to your back. Right now we carry over a half dozen electric wheelbarrows from Overland Carts as we are their main distributor. These powerful haulers come in a variety of different sizes and capabilities.

For example, in our C27 Series, we have three products. A popular one is our C27-8M. This battery powered unit is equipped with 400 watts of power that can easily move up to 750 pounds. The C27-8M weighs only 140 lbs, so it can move over five times its own weight! That’s amazing power for such a lightweight unit. Plus, it will move that load at approximately 2.5 miles per hour, which is much faster than anyone could push such a heavy load. This little unit has a huge hopper too that can hold 8 cubic feet of stone, mulch, or soil.

Our C44 series offers more capacity and a good example is our C44-P10A. This rock and roll unit does just that! It can carry up to 10 cubic feet of rock while it rolls smoothly and effortlessly. The payload of this unit is so large, it can move lawn furniture, athletic equipment, even trees with wrapped root balls, and it does it all safely and easily. Simply twist the throttle mounted on the handle and away you go. Once at your destination, the hopper dumps the contents for you. The 44 inch chassis also has a platform behind the hopper to carry buckets, shovels, or other equipment.

Finally, we offer our T series that features a wagon & wheelbarrow that are built for simple yard work around the house. We recommend this series to many of our residential users who may not need the abilities of a commercial unit, but still need the convenience a power wheelbarrow can give. For instance, our C44-6T unit has a smaller payload of only 6 cubic feet, but it is definitely safer and easier on the back when working all day in your garden, on the lawn, or on a landscape project. The oversized turf tires will get you where you need to go whether it is over pavement, grass or gravel. Plus, the battery will provide up to 11 hours of work on a single charge, and it can be recharged 300 to 500 times depending on the unit.

Whether you are working on your own landscape project, setting up for a track meet at the school, or working on a construction site, we have the electric wheel barrows to make the job easier and safer. Please take a few moments to browse our site. Thank you for your consideration.